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Goodgame Empire is a spectatular multiplayer-strategy game released by Goodgame Studios. It is set in the medivial times, and your ultimate mission is to build your arm, your castle and your land. Form the ultimate army, fight your foes and become the supreme ruler of your Empire.

Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios

This is strategy game where you are in medieval period, and you are supposed to create your palace, a strong army and fight with other online players that are your enemies. All this is happening on world map that is changing according to your battles, enlargement or minimization of territory depending of success on the battlefield. If you are successful in battles, land under your ruling will grow and you will become powerful ruler! This great strategy game is easy to follow, as all along you will get instructions what to do next, and how to improve your game strategy. This will lead you through process of enlargement of your land, to forming coalitions with neighbors, which will benefit you in a long run. As in real life, coalitions can lead to expanding of territories and protection of borders.

Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios that will tempt you to manage to create strong empire and get as much land as possible in it. You will start as a ruler of small parcel of land and you must use time and resources to your advantage to become as strong as possible.

When you start playing this intriguing strategy game, most important thing to keep in mind is to consistently keep number of soldiers on high level. Soldiers are important for two reasons: they protect your land, and capture other territories.

Now, in order to feed your soldiers and other inhabitants of your kingdom, you must build effective production of food and other goods. Food and goods your inhabitants produce will both feed them and be resource for trading, which is also important for development of your land. If you manage to evently build up your production, trade, cash flow and troop rise, you will see your kingdom steadily develop. When you start playing this great strategy game, you will run through several first levels rather fast. These first levels are basics: creating your palace and other primary buildings, as well as expanding land until the fifth level, when things will slow down a bit. You will notice that constructing of a building that at first level took seconds, now lasts for minutes, which is rather restraining-but this has been done for strategy purposes, forcing you to thing about priorities all the time. Same goes for soldiers recruiting and troop forming, as well as building military objects and arming soldiers. You will also notice that collecting of taxes lasts longer as well as production of good.

When you first create your kingdom, you will be protected from the attacks of other real players in the game for one week-if you don't attack anyone, that is. However, you can attack NPC fortress to gain experience and prizes, as long as you don't strategically plan these attacks. Basically, it should just be hit-and-run type of attack. These attacks are most important for experience purposes and battles you will have to go through after this first week ends. Once you get in battles with real players, you will notice that movement of troops on the world map is slower that these first attacks. However, this is good for controlling purposes, as you can redirect your troops and change strategy of attack.

Since this is strategy game, one of most important things to be successful is to create good coalitions. Search on the world map possible allies, located on the points that would in a long run be useful for your kingdom enlargement, with who you could dominate the region. Once you form coalitions, you will have support for expanding your land, but you will also have to support your allies when in need and when he requests your support on the battlefield. Through coalition you and your friend will bring mutual decisions on attacks, on spying enemies and strategic attacks for spreding your influence over region.

Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios is excellent thinking game that has great quality not only in mechanical aspect but also in creative one, providing colorful animation and quality graphic art throughout the game. It is really enjoyable game worth the time and energy you are going to invest in it. GAME INSTRUCTIONS

You run the game through mouse controls.

First you will have to register and create player account. After registration, you simply have to follow instructions on the screen, leading you what to create in order to complete basic kingdom forming. You will love vivid graphic that will bring forward spirit of middle centuries: you build castle of wood and stone that is in the middle of deep woods. In time, you have golden farmlands with wheat and corn, and your peasants are walking around after their duties: collecting food or wood, traveling to trade.

Instructions will lead you through kingdom creation, as well as process of troop creation and attacks on enemies. You will be guided through process of developing kingdom, collecting resources and forming stronger economy by collecting taxes, selling goods for cash, and accommodating bigger and better objects for your forces.

Throughout the game, you will be guided with big arrows to your next possible move.

You just have to form your strategy along the way. Strategic thinking will not be necessary at the very beginning, when you are just creating your kingdom. However, once you become pray for attacks from stronger neighbors, it is important to employ your wits for achieving several goals: first, you must preserve, and second, you must develop. You will manage to do that only if you get help from stronger neighbors willing to enter the coalition with you. You must think ahead and predict future moves and reactions from other players near you, in order to protect and develop your kingdom.

In the end, one can definitely say that Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios and that you will surely not regret the time you will invest in playing it.